Apple Releases iOS 12 Public Beta 2

Apple Releases iOS 12 Public Beta 2

The American multinational technology company Apple has released the iOS 12 Public Beta 2. It has released the application shortly after the third party developer beta. This is because the public betas are the last in the queue if the public betas. The developer beta 3 is the last of the public betas after the public beta 2 and 1.

Apple has enabled its users to upgrade their device to a great one. As per user reviews the iOS 12 Public Beta 2 has turned their 5-year-old devices to marvel.

Howbeit, a handful of changes are expected if you are on the public beta channel. It is likely to resolve Apple Car Ply and GPS bugs with the update. The iOS 12 Public Beta 2 has also enabled a better performance on the iOS devices. A tvOS has also been released by Apple.

iOS 12 Public Beta 2

How to download the iOS 12 Public Beta 2

If you wish to download the updates on your Apple device, then you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1– It is recommended that you plug in your iOS device before installing the iOS 12 Public Beta 2.

Step 2– Next you will be required to head to the Updates section of your device. Once opened click on the update link that appears and it will begin downloading.

Step 3– After the complete update is downloaded it would be installed and you can now enjoy an upgraded interface.


by Sawan Kumar on July 6, 2018

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