The search engine giant Google has said that an Indian anti-trust ruling that found it guilty of search prejudice which might result in “irreparable” distress and also hinder the reputation of the company.

In February the CCI (Competition Commission of India) has levied a fined of $20 million for the misuse of its rank in the online internet search and has also thwacked the company for blocking ways for its partners to use competing for search services.

After the ruling was over, Google gave its statement that the conviction has only caused only “narrow concerns”. While in its solicitation it confronts the CCI’s ruling the search giant could be whopping.

“requires Google to change the way it conducts business in India on a lasting basis and the way it designs its search results page in India”- said the company.

A Google prolocutor declined to agree to the comment “without appellate scrutiny would cause Google irreparable reputational loss” which the company issued while seeking a wander on the ruling.

An order from the CCI said that: “By restricting websites from partnering with competing for search services, Google was denying its competitors access to the search business and further marginalizing competitors.”

“Volume of business generated through these agreements is substantial”- it added. In its entreaty that summons the ruling, the American internet company said that it was not the ill ruling of the CCI that such agreements breach the Indian competition law.

“If Google is restricted from entering into certain types of contracts while the appellate review is conducted, Google will be irreparably harmed,”- said the company in its plea in an untangled manner.

The Indian antitrust tussle is the most recent regulatory that proves a misfortune for the search engine giant.  In the year 2017, the European Commission has smitten a $2.8 billion fine on the company accusing it of dethroning rival offerings.

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