The Chief Executive of Twitter Jack Dorsey told that the companies in the Silicon Valley, among which his own company is also included, have not arranged enough safeguarding precaution for the victims of online abuse, calling it a “huge fail”.  Being interviewed via Twitter by the co-founder of the tech news site Recode, Kara Swisher, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wrote in twitter that he would rank himself with grade “C” for which Swisher entitled “tech responsibility”.

He posted in twitter in a responsive statement to the questions of Swisher, “ We’ve made progress, but it has been scattered and not felt enough. Changing the experience hasn’t been meaningful enough. And we’ve put most of the burden on the victims of abuse (that’s a huge fail)”.

Along with another social media network Facebook, Twitter has confronted criticism for controversial posts, fraud users and misleading news stories on its service. The company has been probing more ponderously for improving what Dorsey has stated as the “collective health” of Twitter.

Twitter CEO told that he does not like the proceedings of twitter to manage complementary disapproval, short phase thinking, partial conversations, echo room and that the lack of diversity in the company has not assisted to counter such problems.

He told, the work of Twitter against “ automation and coordinated campaigns” along with its coordination with different government agencies, has left it in a better position to combat the ultimatum of misinformation for the 2020 US Presidential elections.

The intelligence agencies of the US have concluded that Russia used social media during the 2016 US elections to influence voters. Moscow refuses that accusation.



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