Koreans Join Teams at Table Tennis World- North and South Korea Combine rather than playing against each other - TNBCLive

The sport has bridged the relations between North and South Korea. Now the ‘Peace Olympics’ would experience both the teams joining tables.

After a few days when the leaders of both the countries signed an agreement to get rid of the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons, the teams decided to play ally. This prevented them to play as opponents amidst entourage of inter-Korean reconciliation.

On Thursday the women’s team from both the countries decided to unify in the quarterfinals. “When I informed the board of directors about this development, the unified team received a standing ovation from the delegates who showed their sign of support to this historic move,”- said Thomas Weikert, ITIF President.

The team will play against Japan in the next tournament which is to be held on Friday. “(It’s) an important statement to promote peace between our countries through table tennis,” –said the South Korean Team.

However, a technical war still exists between the two nations. The meet is due in the quarterfinals of the World Table Tennis Championship in Halmstad Sweden.

This is for the second time when the nations have collaborated to form one team. In February the Korean teams fielded one team at the Winter Olympics held in Pyeongchang.

“I welcome the announcement that North and South Korean table tennis teams have decided to form a joint team during the world championship in Sweden,” –tweeted Wallstrom.

While referring to Thursday’s sporting move, Thomas Weikert the president of International Tennis Federation said that the delegates show a supporting sign. The United role of both the teams marks a significant meeting between the two leaders Kim Jong and South Korea’s Moon Jae in the previous week. They decided to work towards a long ending peace.


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