Preparations on the Way

Preparations on the Way

The 7th day of April 2018 is not that far for the IPL to start and hence it is seen that the teams associated with the same are taking thing very seriously. The team Kings XI Punjab have been seemed to be the most consistent team in this regard. International player Yuvraj Singh has been seen to take the practice sessions very seriously and is hence seen to be on the field every now and then whenever there is practice.

On the other hands, even the coaches are seen to be very much enthusiast about the same as it has been seen that Venkatesh Prasad the bowling coach and the lead coach Brad Hodge are in deep discussions regarding the tactics of the match.

The major reason for the same is that the team has never won a single IPL title. Even last year it was seen that the team was in such a disgusting position that they could not even qualify for the play off’s as well.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 3, 2018

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