UEFA Champions League final between Real Madrid, Liverpool target for cyber-attack: report - TNBCLive

As per the media reporters in England, UEFA Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid in Kiev might be a victim of cyber-attacks.

The Champions League played between Real Madrid and Liverpool might be prone to Russian cyber-attacks apprised the Ukrainian officials.

“Security Service experts believe that the infection of hardware on the territory of Ukraine is preparation for another act of cyber-aggression by the Russian Federation, aimed at destabilizing the situation during the Champions League final,”- said an official from the Ukrainian security services post the malware attack that affected the 500,000 routers.

Russia has locked Ukraine in a long struggle which had continued for years with separatists supported by Russia in the nation’s easy and has been knocked by cyber-attacks of spiral seriousness. The previous year marked the discharge of NotPetya worn, which disrupted hospitals and other critical systems throughout the world.

However, the United States, Ukraine, and Britain have held Moscow responsible for the attack. The charge has been denied by Kremlin.

The intelligence community evaluates that crave that Fancy bear's acts on the part of the intelligence service of Russia.

The duo Cisco and Symantec have helmed a clear attribute of the VPN Filter malware to any particular actor, however, an FBI affidavit absolutely assigned it to the Fancy Bear the group that hacked into the Democratic National Committee in the year 2016. The happening has been related to a never-ending series of digital trespass put forth over a decade.

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