Timely Double - TNBCLive

Even with a number of critics nagging around the back of Dele Alli, it was seen that he managed to shut them up with two beautiful goals in a match at Chelsea in the premier league Tottenham Hotspur this Sunday.

The young adult is of the age 21 years only and has become a very good attacking midfielder. He faced failure in the England friendlies gains in the Netherlands and even Italy. But hone again in the above match he showed his own colors. In the 62nd minute, it was seen that he managed to overtake the opponents offside trap and score a perfect goal. After this, he was blessed with one more that was actually a delicate touch to the through ball that was thus given by Eric Dier.

A faith in the manager that was thus seen in the manager that is Mauricio Pochettino even with the number of negativity present around was seemed to be strengthened as he again uttered in front of the media that he had complete faith on the individual and that he has shown enough to keep that belief.

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