Norway, Oslo: Recently, Prosecutors said that in the country history Norwegian authorities have charged a man in his twenties, reportedly a football referee, with sexual offences involving some 300 teenage boys.

In a statement State prosecutor Guro Hansson Bull said “ the case is a serious one, and it is biggest case of sexual abuse in Norway to date”

As per the Norwegian Media reports the charges include rape.

It has been mentioned that with promises of eerotic in return, the man allegedly targeted boys on the internet, where he adopted female personas in chat forums and convinced the victims to engage in sexual acts, which he filmed.

The prosecutor office revealed that about 300 boys aged 13 to 16 were targeted since 2011, in Norway and other Nordic countries.

After reports in the court the man was identified as a football referee “ admits the facts” his lawyer Gunhild Laerum said to broadcaster NRK, but has yet to responded to each individuals charge.

In 2019 the trial will be held further.  

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