It was the happiest moment for France to lay hands on the World Cup trophy. But for some, it turned deadly as two people died and a few got arrested in France, out of creating chaos across the country.

A 50 years old man belongs to the city of Annecy, died of jumping foolishly in a canal without necessary water in it. It was also shocking that a man of 30 years old died to celebrate with the news of Sunday’s 4-2 victory.

According to the news of AFP, three children belong to the age group of 3 to 6 got badly wounded and were in the poorest condition after got trashed by a motorcycle. All the citizen of France was fascinated by their success in the World Cup, took place in Russia. Not only were the countrymen present for the celebrating but also to greet the players at the award ceremony in Moscow.

Beyond singing and waving the flags with the national anthem of France, “The Marseillaise”, the Paris crowd broke into celebrate happiness. People of France also celebrated their happiest moment with a bottle of champagne and wines.

Police also used various techniques to cool down the crowd of France world Cup celebrating, used tear gas on the Central streets. Later the cobs took over the method of water cannons to blast and to make the celebration to smooth. The crowd later at night also thrown bottles to police and during that incident, a man suffered a strong blow at the head.

According to Le Parisien, that the man got wounded at night went to serious condition on Monday morning. Two officers also got badly injured in the Southern city of Marseille. As per the report of police officers, they were arrested ten people for such unwanted incidents.

In Lyon, eight arrests reports came up, where a car found lit on fire. In the city of Rouen, to stop the chaos, tear gas was used.


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