World Cup 2018, Colombia vs England Highlights: England Beat Colombia On Penalties to Enter Quarters

World Cup 2018, Colombia vs England Highlights: England Beat Colombia On Penalties to Enter Quarters

02:26 IST: With the end of the match, England beat Colombia to set up quarter-finals clash with Sweden.

02:24 IST: GOAL!! Colombia 3-4 England.

02:23 IST: MISS!!!! Colombia 3-3 England. Pickford palms Bacca’s shot away.

02:22 IST: GOAL!  3-3 England.

02:21 IST: MISS!! Uribe only manages to rattle the crossbar; England breathe again |Colombia 3-2 England

02:19 IST: GOAL! Muriel sends Pickford the wrong way Colombia 3-2 England.

02:18 IST: GOAL! Rashford, finds the bottom right corner of the goal Colombia 2-2 England.

02:17 IST: GOAL! Colombia 2-1 England.

02:16 IST: GOAL! Harry Kane scores for England |Colombia 1-1 England.

02:15 IST: GOAL! Falcao scores for Colombia from the spot | Colombia 1-0 England

02:06 IST: Two minutes left in the second period, headed towards a penalty shootout!

02:01 IST: Vardy receives a beautiful long ball, makes a runs down the right flank

01:55 IST: Multiple attacks from both teams.

01:53 IST: The second period of the extra-time begins. England will have to pull up their socks as Colombia are knocking at their door.

01:50 IST: The first period of the extra-time ends | Colombia 1-1 England.

01:43 IST: 10 minutes into the extra-time

01:34 IST: The first period of the extra-time gets underway. Colombia 1-1 England.

01:30 IST: FULL-TIME! Colombia 1-1 England. We are headed into extra-time now!

01:25 IST: GOAL!

01:22 IST: Five minutes of added time! Can Colombia find an equaliser or will England hold on?

01:04 IST: England get a corner.

00:57 IST: 65th minute– England get a free-kick yet again. It surely won’t be late when the color of the card changes to red for the Colombian players.

00:54 IST: The Colombians are losing their temper here. England have advantage.

00:50 IST: GOAL!! After much ado and drama, Harry Kane sends Ospina the other way to give England a 1-0 lead in the 58th minute.


00:37 IST: KICK-OFF! The second-half between Colombia vs England starts.

00:20 IST: Colombia 0-0 England at half-time.

0:16 IST: The first on-target shot of Colombia by Quintero as the England goalie Pickford blocks the shot with ease.

00:15 IST: Three minutes of added time.

00:10 IST: Tension is rising here at the Spartak Stadium. Wilmar Barrios get booked for jostling Henderson.

23:39 IST: England get a corner. The corner is denied by the referee as John Stones is warned for pushing a Colombian player.

23:30 IST: Match begins at the Spartak Stadium.

23:20 IST: Team formations.

22:40 IST: The teams, arrives at the Spartak Stadium.

22:30 IST: Hello and welcome to the live blog of the match between Colombia and England.

by Sawan Kumar on July 4, 2018

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