FIFA Opening Ceremony 2018: Robbie Williams sings at the World Cup

FIFA Opening Ceremony 2018: Robbie Williams sings at the World Cup

Hosts in Russia made the FIFA Opening ceremony a grandeur defeating Saudi Arabia 5-0 in the second highest win ever recorded in an opening series. The game was celebrated too early as the Arabian player gave along with Denis Cheryshev gave an astounding performance in the premature hours.

The famous pop star Robbie Williams performed on the beats of ‘Let me Entertain you’ in the opening ceremony. It was perhaps assured that Williams would kick-start the FIFA world cup 2018. His performance created a disquiet among the football fans. The opening was quite rugged for the British mass, however, it was anticipated that it had the same impression on the rest of the world.

Admitting it was a super bowl halftime show hosted on a partial budget, it displayed women in some Fifa approved national apparel. Instead of making the show a full time dragged out epic it was made a mixture of partial songs.

Waiving off the game the “official anthem” of the game was quivering. Coca-Cola has backed the tournament and has its own anthem- Colors, by Jason Derulo and Maluma. Telemundo which holds the Spanish language broadcast rights.

While moving towards the verdict there are some unofficial songs from the Rasputin Rebooted by the Stars House Band that features Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefsand. The song to too vile to be chanted across the streets. You can also consider giving an ear to the Chin Up by hipsters du jour Rhythm Method.

However, the FIFA seems to have given way to the old melodies too! Old music too gets the hail around the corner invited by advertising campaigns. 2018 the movie directed by Guy Ritchie called Made Defiant has commissioned a four-minute mini-movie. This illustrated the ‘Origin Stories’ of the World Cup stars which are anticipated to be heard at the AC/DC on Coca-Cola ads and Major Lazer on Pepsi ads.

by Sawan Kumar on June 15, 2018

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