India’s star gymnast Dipa Karmakar’s coach Bisweswar Nandi said that she is still rehabilitating and will be fighting for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She missed the  Asian Championships in Mongolia last month due to a knee injury.

Her coach also said that he had no idea when Dipa will return as she has not fully recovered. He admitted that her rehabilitation was still on and risking her till she was completely fine would not be a good idea. The World Championships in Germany will serve as the qualifying event for the Tokyo Olympics.

Nandi told the reporters, “Dipa’s rehabilitation is still going on and it will go on for some time now.” The injury is taking more than expected time to heal which has forced Dipa out of the Asian Championships.

“We cannot do anything right now. We will act according to doctor’s advice. I won’t risk her unless she is completely fine. Once she is fine, I will consult the doctor and the physio,” Nandi said.

In the 2016 Rio Olympics, the Tripura girl finished outside medals. She will now face a tougher task to be ready in time for the World Championships, starting on October 4.

Nandi was asked by the media that when she can return to the Olympics, he replied, “I can’t say anything about her Olympics participation at the moment. It won’t be fair for me to comment. I need to talk to the doctor first.

“I cannot tell you when she will return, I cannot give a tentative timeline. Like I said, her rehabilitation is still going on and it will go on.”

“But one thing I can tell you, we haven’t lost hope yet. Now it all depends on the condition of her feet, doctor and physio. Even if there is one percent pain, we won’t risk her,” Nandi added.

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