Gold in the making

Gold in the making

The commonwealth games are up and running in full swing. And the most amazing news in the same is that in a game of mixed doubles in badminton India has been seen to defeat Malaysia in a game of 3-1 in the final. Thus this has led to the winning of the team a gold in the game.

This was the first ever gold medal received by an Indian team in the Common Wealth games.India was seen to have a very healthy start of 21-14 and they won the first set. This was followed by a losing set of 15-21 but then again in the last set, it was seen that India won the set with 21-15. This win not only helped in the process of India winning the game but also helped India getting the first-ever Gold in the commonwealth games.

After this was Saina Nehwal, she was charged up and was seen to get lead in the single women match at 21-11. The second set was a bit disappointing as she lost by 19-21. But he then against was seen that she again created one more history when she won the third set at 21-9 and got one more gold for India.

Right now it is seen that India has got 19 medals in the commonwealth game and of those 19, 10 are gold.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 10, 2018

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