Ashish Kasodekar Became First Indian To Complete “La Ultra The High” Marathon - TNBCLive

Today, Ashish Kasodekar has become the first Indian to complete “La Ultra The High” Marathon, which is around 555 Kilometers long in Ladakh. 

“La Ultra The High” Marathon is popular as the hardest one across the globe, which is annually organised in Ladakh and for the latest edition, the distance to cover was extended to 555 Kilometers from the previous 333 kilometers. 

Five people had participated in the marathon and among five participants, two of them were Indians. The total long journey of the marathon had to be completed in five and a half days.

The participants also had to cross five mountains with around 1700-feet height. 

Mr. Kasodekar told sources, “Since there are multiple challenges one has to go through, the task was difficult and this whole marathon is called as the cruellest marathon of the world.”

“The 555 km marathon was organised for the first time and I am the first and only Indian to complete it. I had participated earlier in the 333 kms marathon so I was mentally prepared for it but I had to prepare myself to have 4 hours of sleep and then run for the whole day,” Mr. Kasodekar added.

He had started running in marathons since 2014 and now after 5-long-years he has successfully completed 555 Kilometers run, which is considered a big achievement for him. 

Not only Ashish’s dream came true but with his victory he has also made Indian proud. 

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