Winter makes Dal lake Ideal beauty of Srinagar - TNBCLive

The white shed of snowfall makes Kashmir even more beautiful. Dal lake is the biggest tourist spot of Kashmir because it is the most attractive point in every season. Whatever the temperature of Srinagar the beauty of Dal lakes never fades. The beauty of water gives you an amazing view that you cannot remove your eye from the scene. It often referred to as ‘ The Jewel in the crown of Kashmir’.

Make your winter most trending with Srinagar so, you can enjoy the cold wave and Dal lake freezing temperatures of banks and interiors of lakes. Sometimes Sunlight hardly reached to the frozen interiors of the lake as the entire lake turned into a huge sheet of ice. It becomes difficult for Shikawalas to remove boats through the frozen water surface. On the other side, tourist stills appreciate this wonderful place. Now, from December 21 – January 31 Kashmir is going under 40 day period of harsh winter called Chillai Kalan.

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