In a brief voyage that is likely to become one of the must-do things for tourists and locals alike in Mumbai, “Mumbai Maiden” has been deployed the SSR Marine Services. The 66-metre-long, 15-metre-wide, Indian-built passenger ship has been deployed in collaboration with the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC).

The triple-deck ship has a capacity of 285, plus a 15-member crew. It sails at a maximum speed of 10 knots and offers a smooth cruising experience for only Rs. 1,600 per head. It takes people on a 90-minute cruise giving them an opportunity to view the sights of the city’s skyline from different angles.

A 10-seater motorboat takes passengers to the ship from Bandra Jetty, from where the ship will begin and end its journey.

On the small open deck, the 16 tiny cabin windows (for future overnight stay on long coastal cruises) can be seen clearly. The ship also offers a large conference hall and bar for various events like weddings, receptions or corporate meetings.

The third and uppermost deck has plush sofas and low tables spread around. As the ship moves out towards the open sea, it passes under the sea link, a bridge connecting Bandra and Worli, thrown open in 2009.

From the upper deck, one can identify various popular buildings, towers, five-star hotels, promenades, ancient forts and other landmarks — the villages of Mahim and Worli, Shivaji Park beach, the rocky Worli seaface among others.

Before taking a U-turn and heading back to the Bandra Jetty, the five-year old ship halts for a very short period of time but it is enough to give the passengers a glimpse of the night skyline of Mumbai with thousands of colourful lights presenting the experience of a magical evening in a city that never sleeps.


(Source: IANS)

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