Prepare your Trip at the Rajasthan festivals get an amazing guide here

Want to experience something new? Head to enjoy the modes of Rajasthan festivals. The journey from the land of Royal Kings to Pink City will be the most happening place for everyone. Once you reached you will memorize this place again and again. You start your year 2018 with different festivals, culture and happier. As you get to see various types of arts, costumes and folks music during winter. There is not a single day that going to be waste.

The Jaypore Open House: The festival gives you the best option for shopping. The open house event starts from January 17th to 31st 2018. Jaypore Open house organize an event to bring the best designs of finest craft – based.

Desert Festival: The best festivals that you must go and enjoy. Thar desert organized three-day Festivals Known as  Jaisalmer Desert Festival this festival start from January 29 – 31 2018. In this festivals, entire Rajasthan light up with happiness and enthusiasm. In this festivals, you will get to see the real flavor of Rajasthan as it brings bright costumes, the folk music recitals, competitions like camel races, Tug-of-war, mustache competition, gymnastic stunts with mouth-watering food and aircraft.

Sufi Spirit Festival: It is must visit a destination that proof by this festival. The Sufi Spirit festivals come with soothing music, dance poetry and food for sure. It represents one of the most unique music spectacles in the country. On the other hand, this particular festivals brings excellent and extraordinary artists from across India and around the world. Sufi Spirit festivals scheduled from February 12-15 2015 at Nagaur Fort.

Jaipur Literature Festival: The Pink City Scheduled Jaipur Literature festival From January 24 – 29 2018. It’s known as world largest event as it brings personalities like historians, politicians humanitarians and business leaders on the same Platform to grace the event. The literary fest offers a unique cultural and intellectual experience.

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