There are thousands of places to travel but there is no other place like Japan island which is the most trending and exotic place to travel. The blue water and white sandy beaches Ishigaki, Japan reached the ranking of number one in the world. According to the TripAdvisor the sandy white island is popular among snorkelers and foodies. TripAdvisor has released its annual Travelers Choice awards for “Destination on the Rise”. There are others places that are on the list of Destination on the Rise Such as U.S., Europe, Asia and South America

Ishigaki, Japan – Reason behind to visit Japan. Ishigaki is an Island in Okinawa that is surrounded by water. The place has been bend as New Bali or Hawaii. The place is a popular diving spot. It also has coral reefs and sandy beaches. Ishigaki is an Island that also for food as its most popular food is Soba Noodles – called Yaeyama soba – made of flour instead of the more traditional buckwheat.

Takayama, Japan – Plan to visit Japan in autumn to catch the wonderful and amazing Takayama Festival that feature a dozen of heavily decorated festivals floats. Takayama`s lies in towns and historic districts and its also located in the mountains Gifu Prefecture.

Busan, South Korea: The place Busan is popular for nature lovers which carry springs, beaches, hiking trails and nature reserves. Busan offers several museums and historical buildings. Try to visit Gamcheon cultural village which is known as the ‘Machu Picchu of Busan’, this place is decorated with murals and sculptures made by residents.

Tainan, Taiwan: The place is for food lover which cannot be missed as its delectable local dishes and famous street food s popular. It is also a religious center, more than a thousand temples including Taiwan`s first confusion temple.

Other destinations you must visit

Pokhara, Nepal – the city is popular as travelers can able to find ancient lakes, waterfalls and gorges and majestic views of the Himalayan Mountains. The city also has modern hotels and restaurants.

Negombo, Sri Lanka: Negombo is the oldest fishing industry, it has one of the top market known as “ Lellama” where travelers can see the boats of fresh catch fishing. Travelers can enjoy the varieties of seafood. The city has Old Dutch Fort which is the most attractive point of tourist.

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