In Vietnam’s Golden Bridge attracts the huge number of the tour since it opened in the Ban Hills near Danang in June. It’s design look beautiful and unique that visitors feel like they are taking a  stroll on a shimmering thread stretching across the hands of gods. Most of the tourist seems excited to travel the bridge. The bridge gives the view of the Danang City. The pictures of the bridge gone viral on the social media platform that amazed and attract the attention of people and architect.

Principal Designer and Founder of TA Landscape Architecture Vu Viet Anh, said “ we are proud that our product has been shared by people all over the world. It shows how much people are really liked it.” He also shares about his new project and said “ He has another project in the works: a silver bridge made to look like a god’s strand of hair that will connect to his exciting structure in the Ba Na Hills.

The bridge built by Solar Group which has divided opinion adventures initiatives elsewhere in Vietnam. It is 150 meters long (490 feet), and it snakes through the forest high up in mountains first develop by French Colonists as a Hill Stations in 1919. Nowadays it’s become a tourist spot and attract tourist in large number boasting a cable car, a replica French Medical Village including a faux castle and cathedral and wax museum featuring statues of Lady Gaga and Michael Jordan

Visitor’s experience with the bridge:-

  • Nguyen Hien Trang said, “I have traveled quite a lot but I have never been any bridges as beautiful as this one”.
  • Nguyen Trung Phuc mention likes for the bridge and said: “ The bridge is beautiful with an amazing architectural style, from here we can see Danang City, It is so nice”.
  • Vuong Thuy Linh said “ I feel like I am walking on clouds. It is so unique”.
  • Truong Hoang Linh Thuy said “ the two, smooth, giant hands look real. It makes me feel like humans can do anything.”

Image Credit- Hindustan Times

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