The Worst Advise for Mental Patients: It’s all in your head

The Worst Advise for Mental Patients: It’s all in your head

Hattie Gladwell the British journalist began a chain on Twitter that catechizes her followers babble the offending and unhelpful thing ever said to them in regard to their mental illness.

Ones who are mentally ill often are a prey to social stigma, mocked for “Just in your Head”. She told the core issued in “all an excuse”.

The UK journalist Twitter thread displayed the advice in the form of the following hashtag #ThingsPeopleHaveSaidAboutMyMentalIllness and asked her followers to reveal the most unhelpful, insensitive or insulting things ever said to them about their mental illness.

“One person told me I didn’t need medication, I just needed to be more motivated to cope with my mental health: said, Gladwell. The tweet received a profuse response with atrocity reflecting in from individuals across the world. People who are being ignored and not paid attention to their concerns started to share the ugliest things said to them in relation to their mental illness.

The tweet was widely shared, gathering more than 600 responses, 2,600 likes and shared 470 times.

India mental health came into the eyes of the media when the Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone express her view on depression with an open heart. She is the front line of the Live Laugh Love Foundation that operates with a primary objective of decreasing the stigma, increase awareness and turn the thoughts of people towards mental disorders and illness.

India holds a wide range of organizations that back the woes of people hit by mental illness. Some of the most popular institutions for mental disorders name as- AASRA (Mumbai), The Banyan (Chennai), Sanjivini Society for Mental Health (Delhi).

Bollywood and other personalities like Varun Dhawan, Shama Sikander, Ileana D’Cruz and Manisha Koirala also took an active role by posting their stories of fighting against depression, body dysmorphic disorder, bio popular disorder, and anxiety.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on May 10, 2018

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