The new Gender trends

The new Gender trends

In this 21st century, the researchers that were thus conducted throughout the globe showed a very interesting fact. The main is the gender tend, on the two sides of the globe that is in the East and in the West the concept of the above is just different.

For an example, in Norway, a student who has just crossed the age of six can change the gender. On the other hand in the west, it is seen that a person rather a student who is saying that there is only two biological gender is thrown out by a furious teacher. Even the accused was so much hated by the teacher that he stopped the student from attending his classes only.

Thus it can be easy though the globe is one planet in the East and the west of the same have divided it into two different planets altogether. Moreover, in the West, it has been seen that the addressing of a child or even mere asking it’s he or she is considered to be wrong. The main idea is that the concept of dressing a boy in blue and a girl in pink is not at all encouraged by them. Meanwhile, now a day in the West people are more curious about what they will be saying from ‘Ask your mother’ to ‘Ask your other begetter’ or not.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 6, 2018

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