Saudi Arabia’s first new cinema in decades to open April 18

Saudi Arabia’s first new cinema in decades to open April 18

The first ever movie theatre will be opening in the Saudi capital of Riyadh on April 18, this theater opening is the first of its kind in more than last thirty-five years. This event was reported by the authorities on Wednesday post their agreement with AMC Entertainment Holdings which plans to open up as many as 40 theatres over a period of next five years.

These film halls will not be differentiated based on gender as is done in most of the other public places in this traditionally conservative Muslim state and the first movie to feature will be Marvel’s super hit movie “Black Panther” which was reported by a source who is familiar with this event.

Saudi Arabia had a few movie halls during the 70’s but then the powerful religious clerics closed shut them showing the advent of powerful Islamic influence throughout the region of Arab at that point in time.

The government declared in 2017 that they would remove the embargo on movie halls as a part of the aspiring economic and social reform initiated by crowned Prince Mohammed Bin Salman who is at present in a US tour looking for more foreign investments which will enable him to widen the economy and minimize the dependency on oil.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 5, 2018

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