Old Easter tradition on the Greek island of Corfu is a smash

Old Easter tradition on the Greek island of Corfu is a smash

The celebrations of Orthodox Easter were literally a smash on the Greek island of Corfu this Saturday.

The Holy Saturday is marked by a strange old custom by the Corfiots termed as the “brides” in which large clay jugs which are filled with water are thrown down from the balconies of the houses situated at the middle of the town thus smashing the jugs on the streets in pieces while thousands gather around to see it happen.

Tourists from various parts of the country and from abroad pay a visit to be a part of this popular event. The thrashing sound of the pots crashing on the ground is thunderous and the brave spectators stand pretty close to the site of the crash, getting struck by the spray of water and shards of clay however as per the feedback of the local organizers no one has even been heard to be seriously injured during this custom.

The locals are also very enthusiast about this event. As stated by one of Corfu resident Nikos Voskopoulos who has been a regular pot thrower for the last 20 years- he is very happy since just because they do this person from faraway places come to visit their places as they have become addicted to this custom.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 9, 2018

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