Is marijuana linked to Cigarette Smoking

Is marijuana linked to Cigarette Smoking

In this era where the proportion of marijuana is actually used as a type of medicine, a deadly side effect is seen to come up for the same. In other words, studies on the subjects on whom marijuana is used as a medicine have been seen that the desire to have the cigarette for the non-smokers has increased whereas with the smokers the number of cigarette consumption has increased.

According to many researchers, it has been seen that cannabis use is also associated with the same. As a result of the above, it can be clearly seen that the use of cigarette which was actually very high has declined and the use of marijuana has increased by leaps and bounds. The co-author that is Renee Goodwin of the Mailman School of Public Health has suggested that the link between the use of cannabis and initiation of cigarette in youth is a fatal problem. In simple studies rather in surveys, it has been found that the use of cannabis is way more among the adolescents.

Analysis of the above-mentioned studies have actually been done on 34000 individuals and the reports showed one more thing that is when there is consumption of alcohol the initiation of having cigarette also increases.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 3, 2018

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