New guide helps kids, adolescents living with ostomies - TNBCLive

Teenagers and kids who have gone through surgery of ostomy are now having the option of a resource written by their peers which would help them to face the challenges of middle school, high school, college and even further.

The toolkit which has been named as “A Guide to Gutsy Living” is the first resource of its kind which has been designed specially for and specially by those young people who have already undergone the surgery of ostomy, be it temporary or permanent. Such surgeries are done generally to treat the inflammatory bowel disorder or IBD and now have an opening that has been created surgically so that the stool is allowed to be emptied into a bag fixed to patient’s abdomen.

Carrying on with life in spite of having an ostomy is a very difficult task even for adults leave aside the pain of the kids and adolescents. As per Jennie G David who is a Ph.D. student of clinical psychology at the Drexel University in Philadelphia no one knows how it is going to look like and what will it mean to one’s life, David is also the leader of the project.

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