Most of the individuals who are diet conscious or try to avoid fats foods they must know that there were some good and healthy fats foods that generally required for you body which helps to maintain with proper protein,vitamins, gives more energy and and make your brain more healthy. Do you that that fats are a precursor to your hormones?Being fat or chubby deficiency can result in hormonal imbalance, lower energy levels and even reduced libido.

Fat soluble vitamins are Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Fat is generally required for triggering leptin and keeping hunger and cravings in control. You should know that ignoring fats from your daily diet can be reflect in brittle hair, dull skin, rapid ageing, etc.

The fats which generally needs to avoid are refined oil, commercially available ghee, pastries, biscuits etc. which are actual form of fats. People who follow the low-carb for weight loss should know they to include more fats and proteins in your diet. 

Here are some best fatty foods that you must include in your diet:-

Full Fat Dairy: As you know Milk is very important for your body that is class A protein which is good for health and can even help in weight loss.

Paneer: which made from good quality of milk that works as Vitamins in your healthy body.

Butter: You can have butter in your breakfast as it does not have any side effects but White butter is usually good for your body.

Fatty fish: Sardines and Mackerel are best as fatty fish.

Nuts and Seeds: These are important for your body you know but remember eat them in the right amount to avail maximum benefits from them.

Eggs both yolk and egg white.

Dark Chocolate: Diet Followers are definitely ignored Dark Chocolate but they did not aware of that is very Nutritious,Powerful Sources of Antioxidants and the best way its work its may improve Blood Flow and Lower Blood.

Ghee: For every individuals Ghee is a great source of fats for you, but remember add a little amount of it only that balance in your whole day.

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