E-Cigarettes a blessing or not?

E-Cigarettes a blessing or not?

In recent time studies have been done on the normal cigarettes and e-cigarettes as well. These studies have shown that the teeth when they are exposed to a normal cigarette gets discolored within 2 weeks but then again when the same is exposed to an e-cigarette the same doesn’t happen.

Researches on the above have thus shown that vaping is such a process that is actually not staining teeth. It has been often seen that a smoker is having brown or even yellow teeth at times. This is nothing but stains that are seen to come from tobacco heated products.

The above result was again backed up by a study on the oral health. It has been seen that scientists at British American Tobacco had a clear study on the discoloration in teeth. For this purpose, even a prototype e-cigarette and a tobacco heating, geo were made. After then all these were put the assessment on the discoloration of teeth. The latter part of the analysis was done by a puffing robot where the puff was captured in a filter pad. On analysis of the same pad, granules were collected and then they were used on the cows’ teeth from where all the derivations came.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 3, 2018

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