The concept of Mughal Art

The concept of Mughal Art

This weekend an exhibition started that not only put the idea of the Mughal arts back in this era but also reproduced the precocious treasures of the same. The exhibition in this case was known as the Kabul’s Babur Garden.

The concept developer that is Michale Barry in his exhibition was seen to memories its visits that he made at the time of the brutal civil wars at around 1990s. All the brutal activities seen by him like the wreckage, shells fire and so on was actually portrayed in this where on the ugliness was made visible.

In this regard Michale Barry actually named his exhibition Bagh-e Babur rather Babur’s Garden. This was mainly because he tried to give a glimpse of the worlds older Mughal garden which was actually named after their famous king. The king Babur was seen to be fond of Kabul and hence was seen to be buried in this garden only. In the consequences of the civil war in 1990s it was seen that the original garden was largely destroyed but then again to reserve the same the garden was rebuilt to the maximum by the end of 2008.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 3, 2018

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