Busy bees turn Afghan schoolgirl into an entrepreneur

Busy bees turn Afghan schoolgirl into an entrepreneur

In the war-infested nation of Afghanistan honey is considered to be a traditional cure for all but the same honey has created excellent and sweet opportunities for one school girl to work and start a new business in an otherwise orthodox nation where business is done by only a handful of women.

The story started almost three years ago when Frozen who is now of 19 years took a small loan, purchased a pair of beehives and also took training on apiculture from a nongovernmental organization that works primarily on poverty named as Hand in Hand International.

All these bees used to collect nectar from flowers that used to grow near her home in the Marmul district which is situated in the province of northern Balkh. The first harvest produced almost 16 kg or 35 lb of honey which helped Frozen to close down her loan by repaying it fully and she was still left with some excess fund.

At present, she is having 12 beehives and she collected 110 kg honey last year which enabled her to earn 10000 Afghanis or $1450 in a nation where the per capita GDP is as low as $600.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on April 7, 2018

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