Woman Delivers Baby Inside Vehicle, Auto-Rickshaw Driver Helps - TNBCLive

In Rajasthan’s Kota, a pregnant woman delivered her baby inside an auto-rickshaw while she was on her way to the and the driver helped her. On Wednesday afternoon, the 25-year-old Puja Mehawar and her husband Sunil Mehawar boarded Ibrahim’s auto-rickshaw to go to a hospital for the delivery of their baby.

Mr Ibrahim said that the women went into labour while her husband fell ill and passed out in the rickshaw. The driver immediately stopped the vehicle and called for help for some women living nearby. With the help of the women, Ms Mehawar delivered a baby girl inside the auto-rickshaw.

They wrapped the new-born in a jacket and the driver rushed the couple along with the baby to a nearby hospital. 

The couple thanked the driver and garlanded him the next day at the Kota auto union office for his timely action. The baby and the mother both are in a safe condition. The father of the baby thanked the driver and said, “I am thankful for Ibrahim who saved my wife as I was unconscious at the time.”

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