On Thursday, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee welcomes BJP leader LK Advani’s blog and said that opposition parties, who have raised voices are indeed not “anti-national”. In a blog that was considered as a ‘message’ to the centre-ruling BJP, Mr. Advani claims that his party never regarded those who disagreed with them politically as “enemies” or “anti-national” but as adversaries.

CM Banerjee tweeted: “As the senior most politician, former Deputy Prime Minister and founding father of BJP, the views Advaniji has expressed about extending democratic courtesies, is significant. Of course, all Opposition who raise their voices are not anti-national. We welcome his statement and convey our humble regards.”

Mamata Banerjee Welcomes LK Advani’s Blog, Mocks At BJP Over ‘Significant’ Message / tnbclive.in

LK Advani has been upset with the BJP over the way he was not allowed to contest in the forthcoming election, with party’s National Chief Amit Shah decided to fight from Gujarat’s Gandhinagar, which is 91-year-old party patriarch had held over six terms. Since then, Mr. Advani’s first public statement.

Mr. Advani’s blog timing is significant.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP Chief Amit Shah have made national security a key factor for 2019 General Elections, often alleged political rivals of speaking the language of Pakistan.

LK Advani’s relations with CM Banerjee are believed to be friendly. In March, when BJP announced Mr. Shah as its candidate from Gandhinagar Lok Sabha Constituency, expressed the TMC Chief has expressed her “sadness” at the way “old gold” being forced to make way for others.

CM Banerjee was quoted saying, “[Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari] Vajpayee ji, Advani ji were the pillars of the BJP,” adding that “Advani ji is a senior man. And now how he has been left out. This is, of course, an insult to Advani.”

Last evening, the Prime Minister tweeted a reply to his blog. There was no mention of his actual protest- the increasing trend of the party’s top brass anyone with a distinct view as ‘anti-national’.

PM Modi tweets, “Advani Ji perfectly sums up the true essence of BJP, most notably, the guiding mantra of ‘nation first, party next, self last. Proud to be a BJP karyakarta and proud that greats like LK Advaniji have strengthened it.”

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