Priyanka Sharma, the BJP activist who was arrested after posting a meme on West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, got released this morning after spending five days in jail. She has claimed that she has done “no wrong” and so the question of offering apology does not arise.

Though the Supreme Court gave the order of her release yesterday, she had to spend another night in jail. She was released over 18 hours later at 9:40 am today.

Ms. Sharma, accompanied by her brother told reporters today that “I was tortured in jail. The jailor pushed me. They were very rude inside the jail and the general condition was also quite bad. They didn’t let me speak to anyone despite getting bail, didn’t let me speak to anyone for five days”.

“Water was a big problem inside the jail. There was no water in the women’s toilet. We talk about swachh Bharat (clean India) but there was no swachh inside the jail,” she added.

She claimed that she is getting prepared to face a court battle in July when the top court will hear whether she should agree with the West Bengal government’s demand that she apologize for sharing the meme.

“I have not done anything for which I should offer apology. Why target only me? What about many other people who have shared the post, arrest them also? The police took my phone… They told me to say I will never post anything like this again,” Ms. Sharma said.

Her brother stated that  “Fundamental rights are in danger. Yesterday what happened at Amit Shah’s rally (in Kolkata where violence broke out) shows how much terror Mamata Banerjee is trying to deploy. We will fight her case in July”.

The mother of Priyanka Sharma claimed her daughter’s arrest was politically motivated. However, the arrest of the BJP youth wing activist has provoked anger and protests on social media as well as the BJP.

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