Cops Arrested BJP Leader in Kolkata For Forcing People to Drink Cow Urine - TNBCLive

A BJP activist was arrested for organising the cow urine consumption event and forcing a civic volunteer to drink cow urine, who felt ill. The Kolkata police said on Wednesday that the activist fell ill after he was forced to drink cow urine to combat the novel coronavirus. Anuj Sharma, the Kolkata police chief said, the BJP activist named Narayan Chatterjee has been arrested by the West Bengal police on late Tuesday for, “organising the cow urine consumption event and compelling a civic volunteer to drink cow urine.”

The civic volunteer fell sick and he lodged a complaint against the BJP activist. Cops have slapped the accused BJP leader with sections 269, 278 and 114 of the Indian Penal Code. Dilip Ghosh, the president of the BJP’s West Bengal branch considered Mr. Chatterjee’s arrest was “unfortunate”. “India is a democratic country. Everyone has the right to express his opinion,” Dilip Ghosh said.

“It’s unfortunate that Chatterjee was arrested for expressing his opinion organising the event. We don’t know if the civic volunteer was forced to drink cow urine,” he added.

In India cow is considered as a holy animal and many Hindus believe that drinking cow urine is a panacea for all kinds of ailments, from arthritis to cancer and diabetes. On Tuesday, a milk trader was arrested in New Delhi for selling cow urine at Rs 500/Litre and cow dung at Rs 400/Litre. He claimed they would prevent the novel coronavirus from spreading. 

Last week, dozens of Hindu activists held a cow urine party in the capital New Delhi where they staged fire rituals and consumed urine from earthen cups in order to fight the coronavirus. However, the critics are not believing in drinking cow urine, they have rubbished the claims. India has recorded 151 positive cases and three deaths from the virus. The government has already closed all the schools, entertainment facilities and the iconic Taj Mahal in effort to stop the spread of the outbreak in 1.3 billion people’s country. 

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