Durga Puja or ‘Maa Durga’ is already entered Kolkata, entire Kolkata wait for the day is here. The feel and the meal are ready to mix in the air. A day is started where people will roam around whole day night, hoping pandals and volume of madness are high. Bengalis have started pouring into the city from around the world. From Dhaki to Dhunuchi dance the energy vibration is ready to pour everywhere in the city of joy. This festival is something that carries a magic that attracts everyone. You will get to see the man and women in their best traditional attire.

The Pandals you should visit

Mohammad Ali Park: This year Mohammad Ali Park showcases magnificent architecture in the construction of its pandals. It’s going to explore the favorite theme here is to replicate great explored and unexplored moments around the world. The park area is huge that cover the pandal in the large section. You will get mela outside the pandals.

Jodhpur Park: South Kolkata is always in the news when it comes to Durga Puja, every year the pandals of the south are most interesting to see. South Pandals Theme always been vast and varied, though inclining more towards the traditional side. Your eyes will not stop once you reach the Jodhpur park because it touches the right chord in the onlooker.

Bose Pukur Sitala Mandir: This area is located near Kalighat and most winning Durgotsab. You must visit this place to see the pandal which depicts the rural pictures of West Bengal in its thematic structure.

College Square Pandal: This place located in College Street. The feel of Durga Puja is reflected here in the best way as this square sits on the bank of a lake and during Durga Puja it is festooned with lights, casting beautiful reflections in the lake water and giving the whole place a surreal feel.

Bagbazaar: The North Kolkata is basically popular because it locates along with the Ganges, great location to enjoy. It is said that Reckoned to be century old and hence one of the oldest Durga Puja pandals in the city. It carries traditional decor of the Puja here takes one back in time. Carnival is the reason for attractiveness, during Durgotsav where great food and fun rides are up on offer.

Santosh Mitra Square: Since 80 years the Santosh Mitra Square hosting puja and have carved a niche for themselves in the sea of pandals. They even get popular from last year due to the London theme where they showcase Goddess Durga in a Buckingham Palace like setting. A massive crowd has been gathered. This year Santosh Mitra Square planned a magnificent pandal and the saree worn by the idol will weigh 30 kgs of gold.

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