On Thursday, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has accused centre-ruling BJP of doing “politics of division” and warned that she wouldn’t permit any attempt to divide the nation into pieces.

CM Banerjee said, “BJP is doing politics of division. We will never want the country to be divided and not allow any attempt to part the country into pieces.”

No one ever asked questions about Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, and Rajendra Prasad as leaders of the nation, added the Bengal Chief Minister.

She continued that a leader of the nation must love all and work with all.

“You have to love all and do not differentiate. You have to connect with the people to be in power. But if you break hearts, you break people’s souls. Then, people are not able to apply their mind,” added CM Banerjee.

Unlike BJP, TMC respects all people belong to any state or religion, claims the TMC supremo.  

“We never discriminate between Biharis and Bengalis. We respect all the people coming from any state,” she the Chief Minister at “Holi Milan” celebrations at Gitanjali Stadium in Kolkata.

She further alleged that incidents of mob-lynching are uncontrollable in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh and industrialists are also being often attacked in the state.

CM Banerjee said that “many people from Uttar Pradesh stay in Bengal. Ask them, how well they are staying in Bengal. Ask Biharis, they are well here and better than in Bihar.”

Mocks at BJP and its leaders, CM Banerjee said that “You talk about religion and fight elections chanting the name of Ram. But you could not even construct one Ram temple in five years… We are with Ram, Rahim, and Christians.”

“Some outsiders often claimed Durga pujas are not allowed to be organized here. People are denied worshipping. More than 1 lakh pujas are organized in the state. When we provide financial support to clubs to organize activities and pujas, the BJP challenges it before the court,” said the TMC chief.

She also claims that her party, Trinamool has love and offers respect to all religions and festivals are for all.

CM Banerjee said, “Our duty is to respect all. People from all regions participated in all festivals.”

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