Bengal Governor tweets over the disturbing video of dead bodies disposal - TNBCLive

On Thursday, a shocking video of decomposed bodies being loaded into a van at a crematorium was widely shared on social media. Today, Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar tweeted his anguish at the “disposal of dead bodies with heartless, indescribable insensitivity.” The authorities were forced by the locals to deny claims at the cremation and the BJP that the bodies were of those who died due to coronavirus.

The deeply disturbing visuals show a man is seen dragging one body after another from the crematorium building into the municipal van. The man was seen holding the bodies with a long pair of tongs.

The video appears to have been shot on Wednesday at the Garia Adi Mahashamshan in south Kolkata. The Kolkata Police Tweeted, “The West Bengal Health Department has informed that dead bodies were not of COVID patients, but were unclaimed/unidentified bodies from Hospital Morgue. Legal action is being taken against persons spreading #FakeNews (sic).” 

After a municipal van arrived with 13 bodies, locals began protesting. The principal of NRS Medical College, wrote a letter to the city’s police commissioner that said: “14 unclaimed bodies” were handed over to Kolkata Municipal Corporation from the hospital morgue for disposal.”

The bodies were not of coronavirus patients, he wrote, adding, the “subject of the video was fake and police should take necessary action”. The entire area was hit by a stench of bodies that were moved from the van to the crematorium. As per reports, protesting locals had put a lock on the crematorium gate.

The entire area was reportedly hit by a stench when the bodies were moved from the van to the crematorium. Protesting locals had put a lock on the crematorium gate, according to reports. In a Tweet, Mr. Dhankar tagged Mamata Banerjee asking details about the bodies when they were admitted to hospital and treatment must be shared.

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