Bengal Governor Mocks At Mamata Banerjee-led Government, “Censorship In Bengal” - TNBCLive

On Tuesday, West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar has started a tour of South and North 24 Parganas Districts, attacked Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee-led TMC Government by saying that he is not “subordinate to the state government” after officials of the two districts declined to attend a meeting called by the Governor. 

The rejection to attend a meeting called by him is “unconstitutional”, said Governor Dhankar, adding that there is “some sort of censorship in Bengal.” He further said that “I am astonished to receive the letters from the district officials in which they have expressed their inability to attend the meetings, that too four days after my intimation. I do not know whether some sort of censorship is in place in West Bengal.”

The District Magistrates of South and North 24 Parganas in a letter to the Governor has said that the officials couldn’t meet him. Last week, the officials were informed that the Governor of West Bengal wanted to meet them. 

68-year-old Jagdeep Dhankhar has stated that the officials do not need any approval from the state government to attend a meeting called upon by him, adding that “is it appropriate that whenever the governor of wants to meet someone there has to be censorship, an approval from the state government? I am not subordinate to the state government. I find it unconstitutional.”

His remarks came a week after he said that he felt “humiliated, deeply pained and disturbed” after attending the Durga Puja Carnival hosted by CM Banerjee. Governor Dhankhar said to be upset as he was seated on a different dias while the limelight was on the Chief Minister of West Bengal and several dignitaries at the grand event to showcase the top seventy puja community of the state.

He further said that it took him three days to recover from the affront, adding that “I felt insulted at the carnival. I am deeply hurt and disturbed. The insult was not to me but to every people of West Bengal. They will never digest such as insult. I am a servant of the people of West Bengal. Nothing can deter me from performing my constitutional duties.”

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