Bengal allowed BJP for Rath Yatras, Court orders state to maintain law - TNBCLive

The three Rath Yatras organized by BJP is likely to criss-cross Bengal before the forthcoming 2019 General Elections, received a green signal from the Calcutta High Court on Thursday. The court has scrapped the objection of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s government, which claimed that the Rath Yatras could trigger communal disruptions. The administration was asked to make sure that there was no breach of law and order.

Centre-ruling BJP had planned three rallies in North Bengal, Cooch Bihar and two others from Kakdwip, South Bengal and Tarapith Temple in Birbhum district.

When taken together, the three Rath Yatras would cover up all 42 Lok Sabha Constituencies in Bengal- which is a non-BJP state.

BJP Chief Amit Shah has set a target for the party to acquire 22-seats in the 2019 National Elections, asked permission for the Rath Yatras but was rejected by CM Banerjee, TMC was ‘terrified’ that BJP might expand its influence in Bengal. However, Mr. Shah also warned that nobody can stop rath yatras in the state.”

On Wednesday, CM Banerjee’s close supporter TMC lawmaker Derek O’Brien had ridiculed the ambitions of BJP, which currently acquires only 2-seats in the state.

Mr. O’Brien said that “PM and Amit Shah all about jumlas (political rhetoric). Jumlas on jobs, doubling farm incomes. New jumla today that they would win over 20 seats in Bengal”

He continued that BJP “should work to protect the two seats they’ve got, otherwise they’d be reduced to zero… the roshogolla would have no sugar.”

TMC would embark on a “Pavitra Yatra” a day after BJP’s Rath Yatras, added Mr. O’Brien.

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