Amit Shah attacks Mamata Banerjee, saying “your opposition to CAA will prove costly” - TNBCLive

BJP leader and Union Home Minister Amit Shah has once again revived the issue of Citizenship Amendment Act and the proposed National Register of Citizens. Today, during his virtual rally he warned the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee that her opposition to citizenship for refugees from erstwhile Bangladesh would cost her her seat of power in West Bengal.

“Why are you opposing citizenship for these refugees? People of Bengal want to know,” Amit Shah said.

“I want to tell Mamata Didi, your opposition to CAA will prove costly. When the ballot boxes open, then you will see that Bengal’s people have turned you into a political refugee. Your opposition to CAA will prove very costly for you.”

“I saw Mamata’s face that day. She was fuming and she was red-faced. She was so angry, she forgot civility. I have never seen anyone so angry before. I want to know what wrong the refugees have done to her,” added Mr Shah. 

Last year, BJP won 18 of Bengal 42 parliamentary seats, indicating that the party had made serious  inroads in the state.Mamata  Banerjee’s party strongly opposed the CAA and also stopped the exercise of National Population Register.

Congress and the TMC supremo claimed that the law will be used as a weapon to harass Muslims or even render them stateless. The CAA, NRC and NPR triggered a storm of protests all over the country last year. But, the coronavirus pandemic put all on hold. 

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