A professor of Jadavpur University from West Bengal has sparked outrage with his post in Facebook in which he has compared women’s virginity to a “sealed bottle” or “packet”. The post, “Virgin Bride- Why Not?”, was later taken down by him but he continues to defend the statement that he has made, referred that the Supreme Court has offered “freedom of expression in social media.”

Professor Kanak Sarkar, Department of International Relations in JU had written in the post, “Virgin girl is like sealed bottle or sealed packet. Are you willing to buy broken seal while purchasing a bottle of cold drinks or a packet of biscuits… To most boys, virgin wife is like angel.”

Professor Sarkar came up with an explanation on the Facebook post, argued that it was his personal post and referred to freedom of expression. He continued that he had not written anything against anyone, individual or anybody without having any proof or any reference. “I am doing social research and writing for the good and well-being of society,” claims Mr. Sarkar.

As his social media posts drew criticism online and in the academic community, the University promises to take action. Vice Chancellor of Jadavpur University, Suranjan Das told sources that “we will take all steps as per law.”

On Monday, other allegations also surfaced where a journalist report that Professor Sarkar has asked a female student if she desires to become a model as her “figure” is like a model and if she wants more male friends to comment, what she is “what men would enjoy.”

As per the JU Official website, Professor Kanak Sarkar is specialized in political thought, political sociology, the Constitution and government, development administration, human rights and law, ethnicity, and terrorism.

The National Commission for Women has further asked if the West Bengal Police Chief to investigate the incident and take appropriate action.

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