Two Muslim Men Brutally Assaulted in Western Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr District - TNBCLive

In western Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr district, two Muslim men were brutally assaulted by right-wing thugs to take revenge for the violence that made Delhi a battlefield last week. The two men were assaulted on Monday after the attackers accused them of religious slurs and accused them of cow slaughter. 

The attackers also threatened acid attacks, one of the victims said. A video went viral on social media showing a group of six to seven men are continuously kicking and punching two men who are crying out in pain and begging for mercy. Suddenly one of the attackers grabs a lathi and attacks a man cowering near the rear wheel of a silver car parked by the side of the road.

The video also shows two men addressing the attackers as “bhai” and beg for mercy.

It is not clear who shot the video. Some other men who were seen sitting on motorcycles and merely watching the assault. Bulandshahr Police filed an FIR in the matter but did not mention any reasons for the attack. 

Northeast Delhi witnessed widespread violence last week, over the citizenship law which has been criticized as discriminating against Muslims and violating the constitution. Nearly 50 people died in the riot and hundreds were injured. The four-day rampage terrified the residents, burnt schools, homes and shops and destroyed government properties. 

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