Over 100 people lose their life after consuming toxic liquor in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. On Monday, police officials said that they have arrested two more accused related to the case. Hardev and Sukhwinder are the inhabitants of Saharanpur in western UP, where they both were arrested. In the district, over 35 people died due to consuming toxic liquor.

After being investigated they revealed that did not make the liquor instead they purchased a drum of 400 liters from another person called Arjun. According to their statement, the police is searching for another accused who lives in Uttarakhand’s Bhagwanpur.

Hardev and his son Sukhwinder bought the liquor from Arjun and sold it to people on Sunday. Those, who also were engaged in selling the toxic liquor to the neighboring villages were also got arrested by the police. In Uttarakhand, 37 people died and in UP the number has reached 104-67 after drinking it.

The political environment has inflamed in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand over the deaths. The opposition parties accused the ruling government of the illegal liquor trade which has grown in the two states. A special investigation units (SITs) has been formed by the two states in order to investigate the case.

The opposition members of the UP assembly has demanded the resignation of the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday while the Chief Minister has assured the people the people who are the accused behind the deaths will be given exact punishment. He also added that some people are trying to make the as an political issue.

In Uttarakhand, the opposition Congress demanded the dismissal of the Trivendra Singh Rawat government. They accused that he is has been heartless to the trouble of families who lost their life in the terrible incident.


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