Shivraj Singh Chouhan has demanded a CBI investigation into the murder of twin brothers, who were abducted from their school bus on February 12 in Madhya Pradesh’s Chitrakoot. On Sunday, the twins were found dead in a river in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh, said the police adding that their hands were together tied to a stone.

“I would like to tell the Chief Minister (Kamal Nath) to give this case to CBI. Attempts are being made to twist the incident. Why didn’t the investigating team find success in the case? Culprits must be hanged,” said the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, who met the victim’s family, was quoted as saying on Sunday.

Two masked accused had barged into a school bus with a gun and dragged the twin’s son of a businessman. Both the boys were studying in kindergarten. On security footage from the school bus, twins were found sitting wide-eyed, looking at the strangers, whose faces were covered with masks.

Madhya Pradesh Police had announced Rs. 50000 as a reward for any information, which will help the department to trace the kidnappers. The search operation has also joined by Uttar Pradesh Police force with MP Police as the victim’s family resides across the border with UP.

A senior police officer said, “The kidnappers took the ransom and then killed the two children.”

Today, Mr. Chouhan tweeted: “I want to sleep, but have not sleep in the eyes, the mind is restless, how to find peace, just thinking that.”

One of the convicts is a student of an engineering college. Another accused, Vishnukanth or Chotu is the local leader of Bajrang Dal, said the police officer Chanchal Sekhar.

Mocking at Police department for unable to find the twins on time, Mr. Chouhan said that “after getting to know that the children were no more, IG Reeva said a particular party flag was on them who took them. To say that they were with a particular organization proves that they (police) want to twist the incident to a new direction so that confusion remains and they can hide their own failure.”

He further said that a criminal has no caste, religion or a party.

The victim twins used to travel 4 km across the border area every day to attend school, reports Santosh Singh Gaur, a senior policeman of Satna district.

The abducting could be the fallout of a rivalry on the twins’ father, who is an oil trader, recently had with a gang, reports another police officer.  

Just after the kidnapping of the twins, police has suspected a gang, called as ‘Babuli Kol’ took the brothers’ to jungles.

More details awaited.

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