Angry farmers staged a protest and raised slogans against the Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi, during his visit to his Parliamentary constituency Amethi, Uttar Pradesh.

On Wednesday, the farmers protested in Amethi district of Gauriganj town demands that either the land that they offered to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation should be returned or provide them employment.

On Wednesday, Mr. Gandhi has visited Amethi for election campaigns. One of the protestors, Sanjay Singh told the source that “we are very upset with Rahul Gandhi. He should go back to Italy. He does not deserve to be here. Rahul has grabbed our land.”

Farmers staged protests near Samrat Cycle factory, which was introduced by ex-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi when he was Lok Sabha lawmaker from Amethi.

1n 1980’s Jain brothers had taken over 65.57 acres of land in the industrial area of Kausar, to operate a company but after its failure in 2014, land auction took place.

According to data, the Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation had leased 65.57 acres of land to the company in 1986 but when the company closes down, the Debts Recovery Tribunal was an auction in 2014 at Rs. 20.10 crore to recover the loan amount. The land that was purchased in the auction was paid for stamp duty by Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust of Rs. 150000.

However, the land auction process was termed later as invalid by UPSIDC after which a Gauriganj SDM Court ordered the return of the land to UPSIDC in Samrat Cycle Factory. Since then the land mentioned on papers with UPSIDC but was occupied by Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust.

Earlier, Union Minister Smriti Irani has alleged Mr. Gandhi of grabbing the land of poor farmers through the fraud of foundation.

However, the Congress Chief has always pitched for welfare and development of farmers and even promised them to waive their loans in his election speeches.

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