Prime Minister Narendra Modi mocks at opposition coalition in Uttar Pradesh, “SARAB” at his election rally in Meerut had an angry Congress demands an apology and alleged him of lowering to a new low.

While addressing a public gathering, PM Modi said that “Sapa (Samajwadi Party) ka ‘Sa’, RLD ka ‘Ra’ aur Baspa (BSP) ka ‘Ba’, matlab ‘sarab’. (Take the ‘Sa’ of Samajwadi Party, ‘Ra’ or Rashtriya Lok Dal and ‘Ba’ of Bahujan Samaj Party).” Today, the Prime Minister launched his campaign in Uttar Pradesh for April-May National Election.

He continued, “For UP’s good health and for India’s future, should you not stay away from sarab? Sapa, RLD, Baspa, ye ‘sarab’’aapko barbaad kar degi (this sarab will destroy you).”

While addressing a press conference, Congress alleged PM Modi of likening three political parties to sharab or liquor.

Congress spokesman Randeep Surejwala said in Delhi, “Does this kind of talk befit a Prime Minister? You are calling three political parties sharab? Is this the way a PM talks? Can the people accept this.”

“Take back your words and apologize to 130 crore people, or the nation and Uttar Pradesh will never forgive you,” added Mr. Surjewala.

Acknowledged the Prime Minister as “Drama King” and “Flop Film Actor”, Mr. Surejwala said that despite his party’s difference with BSP supremo Mayawati, he addressed her as “Ji” and this is a real “Indian Culture”.

However, Samajwadi Party Chief Akhilesh Yadav has tweeted that the Prime Minister has dis-organized “sarab(mirage)” and “sharab (liquor)” due to the teleprompter.

Mr. Yadav said, “Teleprompters exposed how those who promote hate don’t know the difference between ‘sarab’ and ‘sharab’; ‘Sarab’ also means mirage which the BJP has been showing for the last five years.”

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