On the day of UP gang killing, Bulandshahr School Children offered early meals - TNBCLive

On December 3, more than 150 students at a primary and junior secondary school in Chingrawathi village of Bulandshahr area in Uttar Pradesh were severed the mid-day meal early than usual times at 11:15 am. The same area where the responsible Police Inspector was murdered on the same and a gang of 400 people violently confronted against the UP Police.

Unaware of the tension arouses almost 100m away, it was also unusual for the children in the school who are served means generally at 12:30 pm.

A cook of the area, who cooks and serves a meal in a school, Rajpal Singh said that “That day, we had got an order to distribute the meal early and send the children home.”

The school has over 107 children in the primary section and 66 in junior secondary section, starts at 9 am and continued till 3 pm.

A teacher-in-charge of the primary school, Deshraj Singh said that “after the children were fed the meal, they were quickly sent home.”

Mr. Singh continued, “Some children left their meal midway and some had left their school bags behind, which were later torn by monkeys.”

Mr. Singh along with two other teachers and ‘shiksha mitras’, teaches the students from Class 1 to 5.  And Uma Rani, another teacher of the school, along with one more lady teacher, teaches students from Class 6 to 8. Noth the sections are operated from the same school campus.

Deshraj Singh further said that “the crowd was unusually loud, it appeared unprecedented. A message reached us from the Basic Shiksha Adhikari at 11 am, saying the situation does not look fine due to the Ijtiba (Muslim congregation). Serve a meal to the children and leave them early.”

A huge crowd has gathered in the area for 3-days Ijtiba, being held at a distance from the accident spot of the violence in Bulandshahr. However, the main road near the school was packed with vehicles and people head to the congregation.

A nearby grocery shop owner said, “Huge number of people, truck loads of people were going to the Ijtiba.” And the students of the school were his primary customers.  

Mr. Singh, who comes from Meerut were also asked to leave the school at early lest they get caught in the violence.

On Monday, Mr. Singh said that everyone from the school has left earlier than usual timing and later the District administration ordered to close all schools in the area on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the schools were reopened and there were no students even as teachers Uma Rani and Deshraj Singh waited from then with other staffs.

Expressed her hope that the situation may change and students would start coming to schools, Uma Rani said that “Certainly it is due to the tension that has gripped the village since Monday.”

On Monday, a 20-years-old man and a Police Inspector were shot dead in Bulandshahr by a gang violence apparently after found 25 cow carcasses in a nearby jungle.

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