UP Cop Murder 5 Arrested, Main Accused Had Complained Of Cow Killing - TNBCLive

Lucknow: In the frightening murder of a police officer in Uttar Pradesh, the activist of a prominent right-wing organization and main accused has been arrested. The main accused is identified as Yogesh Raj and also a member of the Bajrang Dal. Yesterday, A mob has chased the police officer car and shot him in violence over the slaughter 25 cows. The activist is the same man who filed a complaint about cow slaughter after 25 carcasses were found in the forests in the area.

With him, four other also got arrested. The names have not disclosed yet.

Angry mob targeted the police when they tried to clear a road blocked by local people and right-wing activists on a truck with the animal carcasses in it. Hundreds chased the policemen, threw and burnt down their police outpost and cars.

Inspector, who was trying to control the wild mob Subodh Kumar Singh, was wounded in the head with a stone. As his driver bundled him into his SUV and tried to take him to the hospital, the mob followed the car, cornered it in a field and shot the police officer.

The SUV driver said “ I ran for my life. I am not sure what the mob did when they reached the jeep”

The autopsy report revealed that Mr. Singh died of a bullet wound below his left eyebrow. The took away his service gun and mobile phone, and a local man also killed in an hour of violence.

The Chie Minister if Uttar Pradesh has declared Rs 40 lakh for Mr. Singh family, Rs 10 lakh for his parents and a government job for a family member.

The investigation for the murder is going on as the Special Investigation team trying to find out why Subodh Kumar Singh was alone by other policemen.

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