BSP Chief Mayawati has accused the centre-ruling BJP with attempts to dislodge governments in states and urges for strict laws to end the membership of those indulged in desertion. 

Her remarks came in the backdrop of hectic political activities in Goa and Karnataka. 16 lawmakers of JDS-Congress Coalition Government have resigned in Karnataka and 10 Congress lawmakers have joined the state-ruling BJP in Goa. 

Mayawati tweets, “The BJP returned to power at the Centre by misusing money power and through EVM tampering but it has now started a campaign to dislodge the non-BJP state governments in order to overcome its exasperation over the defeats it faced in the assembly elections in 2018 and 2019. The BSP condemns this.”

The BSP Supremo continued, “The way the BJP is once again trying to break MLAs in Karnataka and Goa using money and power is a blot on the country’s democracy. Time has come that a strict law is enacted in the country to end the membership of those who switch parties.”

JDS-Congress Government in Karnataka is struggling for survival, followed by resignations of legislators. It also faces the threat of majority loss in the State Assembly, if resignations are accepted by the Speaker as its existing tally is 116-members out of 224-members House.  

Meanwhile, a group of 10 Congress lawmakers in Goa, led by the Leader of Opposition in the State Assembly Chandrakant Kavlekar has merged with BJP, increased the party’s strength to 27 in 40-members House. 

Congress has emerged as the single-largest party after 2017 Assembly Elections in the state, has reduced to 5 lawmakers. 

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