On Sunday, veteran actress Hema Malini has started her election campaign amid golden harvesting in a farm in Mathura. With a sickle in hand, and draped in a matching color saree with the background, the BJP Lok Sabha Lawmaker is seeking another term from Mathura Constituency. In the 2014 Election, the actor-turned-politician secured more than 330000 votes from the same constituency.

In Uttar Pradesh, Hema Malin has been called as an “outsider” by her political rivals. She claims that “people greeted me happily. They welcomed me because I have done a lot for the people of Mathura. I am proud of what I did…in the near future, more development will be the only aim. Nobody has done anything for Mathura before me like the way I did.”

Ms. Milini took to Twitter on Sunday and posted a few photos of her with local farmers, while she was campaigning. Her Twitter post reads, “Began my Lok Sabha campaign… with the Govardhan Kshetra, where I had the opportunity to interact with women working in the fields…”

BJP Candidate Hema Malini Starts Campaign In Mathura, From A Farm Land / tnbclive.in

In Uttar Pradesh, the grand alliance or “mahagathbandhan” leaders have said that Mathura Constituency will witness an “outside Vs. Brijwasi” battle as the popular actress is a resident of Mumbai.

Ms. Malini told sources, “Yes, I have a house in Mumbai. What is the problem with that? I have a house here also and I am a Virndavanwasi.”

She continued, “I am so involved with the city. I feel some divine connection here. I have been playing Radha and Meera throughout my life and I was in a temple only when my candidature was announced.”

Last week, Hema Malini said that “I have visited Mathura over 250 times… It is not an easy job to come all the way from Mumbai. Coming and going…coming and going… I have told people, I am a devotee of Lord Krishna, I am a Brijwasi (resident of Braj, land of Lord Krishna).”

She has filed her nomination papers after a puja-led by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on March 25 in Mathura.

“I really feel hurt when someone asks ‘apne kya kaam kiya’ (what have you done). The first two years were difficult as I could not communicate (with the people). But in the last two years I was able to get things done with the support of the Centre and the state government,” added Ms. Malini.

Contradictory to Hema Malini’s claims of people have greeted her on the first day of the election campaign, many seemed to be unhappy. As a local resident of Mathura was quoted saying, “When Hema Malini came to Mathura she went directly to her guest house to take rest despite knowing that people had been waiting for her since long in the scorching heat. She has not done anything for the constituency…”

Hema Malini has announced that this term election will be her last, is pitted against the Rashtriya Lok Dal’s leader Kunwar Narendra Singh. Mathura Constituency has voted in the second round of seven rounds of elections on April 18 and the results will be declared on May 23.

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