The senior railway official said on Wednesday, that the railway has started public announcements in different six languages for world’s biggest religious festival Kumbh Mela, for the benefit of the non-Hindi speaking pilgrims.

Before the Kumbh Mela had started on January 15, the government had announced to do various arrangements this year to ensure the security and smooth flow of the mega event, in which near about 12 crore devotees are expected to visit.

Gaurav Krishna Bansal, the spokesperson of North Central Railway (NCR) said that “We realized very early in our preparations for the Kumbh Mela that we would be needing such a multilingual announcement system at the actual time when the Mela would be in progress.”

A software was specially designed for the purpose which runs the technique. It was translated by the software in six languages: English, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam. Besides these languages, technicians are working on the automatic translation of Hindi announcements in Telugu, Oriya, and Bengali.

Mr. Bansal also added that the commercial department has started to work on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based system which has been successful and work is in progress on Allahabad Junction.

“In the first phase, this system has started working at Allahabad Junction at the platforms and in the passenger enclosures since January 14. In the second phase, it is planned to extend it to Naini and Allahabad Cheoki stations as well as the Sangam area (Railway Camp) before the second main bathing day on January 21” he said.

The authority claimed that the system has helped to a great extent to the non-Hindi-speaking passengers to find their friends or family on the crowded station amongst the rush.

In future, a face to face inquiry system will be introduced which will be based on artificial intelligence and can be used by non-Hindi-speaking passengers to get answers to their unique queries from the crew members of inquiry counters of stations.


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